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Start: 12 November 2017 Europe/London
End: 12 November 2017 Europe/London
Pre Registration Close:
6 November 2017 11:40 PM Europe/London
Event Address:
Cotton Lane
Dartford Judo Club
Dartford, Kent DA26PD
Contact Details:
English Open
2017 English Open BJJ Championship Junior and Juveniles
The highest ranked junior and juvenile tournament in the UK will be held at Dartford Judo Club in 2017.

Discounted registration fees of 30 will apply until 12th October 2017 then the full registration of 40 will apply until 6th November 2017. All competitors will receive a free Meerkatsu designed t-shirt and certificate.

If there are no competitors in your division you will be entitled to a full refund or an alternative division.

An accurate schedule will be provided in advance in the week before the event. Junior and juvenile entry includes one spectator entry. Coaches are allowed to accompany the junior athletes in the dojo area.

Please ensure that you weigh the athlete on accurate scales and wearing their competition uniform before entering the tournament as incorrect entries may result in the athlete being excluded from the tournament. If you have any questions about weight divisions or any other questions please email us on

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