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Start: 24 September 2017 GMT
End: 23 September 2017 GMT
Pre Registration Close:
20 September 2017 11:59 PM GMT
Event Address:
Benfield Centre for Sporting Excellence
Benfield Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE6 4NU
Contact Details:
Ian Malone
Newcastle Open September 2017
Versus Grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments in the North East of England

Versus Grappling presents the October leg of the Newcastle Open. This event will include the regular gi and no-gi divisions for grapplers aged 16+.

The event takes place on Sunday 24th September, and will be held in the main hall of Benfield Centre for Sporting Excellence.

Weigh-ins open at 9:00AM, with the first division starting at 9:30AM.

Early registration is £25 for one division, or £35 for both.

Limited numbers, pre-registration only, there will be no sign-ups on the day, no exceptions.

The events will be contested under standard IBJJF rules which can be found here

Early registration runs until midnight on September 12th and final registrations will close at midnight on September 19th. No entries will be accepted after this point and initial brackets will be available by no later than Thursday September 21st.

The competition is open to all belt divisions.

There is a combined masters & seniors division for competitors who are aged 30 or over.

The event will feature the following no-gi weight classes for males:

Male (Adult, Masters and Seniors):

Under 55.5 kg
Under 61.5 kg
Under 67.5 kg
Under 73.5 kg
Under 79.5 kg
Under 85.5 kg
Under 91.5 kg
Under 97.5 kg
Over 97.5 kg

The gi men's weight classes are:

Male (Adult, Masters & Seniors):

Under 57.5 kg
Under 64 kg
Under 70 kg
Under 76 kg
Under 82.3 kg
Under 88.3 kg
Under 94.3 kg
Under 100.5 kg
Over 100.5 kg

Female (Adult) weight classes are: Under 63 kg / Over 63 kg for the No-gi, and Under 65kg / Over 65 kg for Gi divisions.

Also Judo black belts, professional MMA fighters and those who have wrestled at a national level are ineligible to compete at white belt and must enter at blue belt minimum regardless of BJJ grade.

In divisions where numbers allow we will run repechage guaranteeing two matches. All competitors are eligible to enter the absolute division for their belt division in addition to their weight.

Competitors can inform the organiser of a change in weight division up until midnight on December 1st, no changes in division will be considered after this date and any competitor who fails to make weight on the day will be disqualified without any possibility of refund.

We regret that we are no longer able to offer refunds or future entry credit for withdrawals, and there will be no transfers offered in the event of a no-show. All payments must be made via PayPal ahead of the event.

Divisions with fewer than four competitors may be merged with the next highest weight category, or moved to the adult divison in the event of masters entries.

All competitors must make weight on our scales (a 0.4kg allowance is awarded). Competitors who are competing in both gi and no-gi in the same weight division may weigh in just once, with the gi on, to confirm eligibility for both divisions. Those competing in different weight divisions for gi and no-gi must weigh in separately for each division.

We Guarantee

  • All competitors will get a minimum of two matches, if their division has three or more competitors.
  • Competitors may weigh in at any point from 9.00AM on the morning of the event, up to 30 minutes before the start of their division.
  • Competitors will be called to warm up 15 minutes before their division is due to start.
  • We will run three mats to ensure a prompt finish.
  • The adult/master categories will be completed and the medals presented by 5.00PM
  • Medals will be presented upon completion of each division.
  • The competitors list will be posted online at least 2 days before the event, along with approximate division start times.
  • Results will be posted online within 24 hours of the event.
  • The organizers will operate a zero-tolerance policy on unsportsmanlike conduct and the harassment of competitors, spectators or event staff.
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