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The terms listed below are terms to which you are agreeing when you register for this event or make a purchase for any store item that is listed on this event. These terms are set forth by the Event Organizers. The exact same wording for these terms are printed on your registration confirmation email or purchase invoice email. If you do not agree to anything on these terms, you are not allowed to complete your online registration or purchase order.

Tournament Release and Waiver

I hereby waive all claims against all persons associated with the participating schools and competitors. I understand and will abide by the tournament rules. I assume full responsibility for my actions during the tournament. I understand the risks of competing in this tournament and hereby release Combat Sports Club LLC (CSC) and the event known as The Southwest Grapplefest, and all its employees, officials, volunteers, sponsors, hosted venue and David, Ana and Daniel Friedlander from any type of injury, loss or death sustained while preparing for or competing in this competition. I also state that I am in good physical condition to compete in this tournament and have current adequate health insurance. I hereby authorize any licensed medical personnel to perform necessary medical treatment on me and agree to bare the expense of such treatment. I understand that divisions and weight classes are subject to change and that CSC does not offer refunds. I agree that my participation at the tournament may be filmed or photographed for use by schools, spectators and CSC and waive any compensation thereof.

Weigh-ins are Friday 5:00-8:00pm or Saturday 8:00-9:00am at the venue. You must arrive and weigh-in on time and on weight or you may be DQ'd or moved up a weight class. There are no refunds.
All purchases are final. There are no refunds for purchased items.
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