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Welcome to Sport Savate

Welcome to the North American Sport Savate Association (N.A.S.S.A.) Website. Thank you for your interest in Sport Savate. N.A.S.S.A. was created in 2005 to oversee the development of a new light contact Sport Savate League.

N.A.S.S.A. is dedicated to spreading Savate across North America. We will use Sport Savate competition to introduce Savate to the North American martial arts community. We hope to encourage a new generation of Savate competitors. We wish to invite Martial Artists of all styles and ages to join us in competing in Sport Savate events.

Boxe Franšaise Savate is French Shoe Boxing was named back in the 17th century. Savate started as Street Kicking (which existed in various versions in many European countries), which was able to absorb techniques from Martial Arts around the world. It was especially popular in the Port city’s where sailors would use it for fighting. The French Foreign Legion as their official Martial Art adopted savate.

Today the Martial Art and Sport of Savate is known throughout Europe. Now to spread Sport Savate throughout North America.

Light Head Contact
Head-Strike Infractions
Head-Strike Infractions
No Contact to the Neck
Light to Medium Body Contact
Body Contact Infractions



The following equipment is required for all competitors
o Helmet – either a foam dip karate style helmet, or a leather boxing style helmet.
o Groin protector – for both male and female competitors.
o Mouth guard – double guard is preferred (covering top and bottom teeth) but a single (covering the top    teeth) is acceptable.
o Gloves – foam dipped or vinyl, that cover the primary and secondary knuckles.
o Shoes – savate or wrestling shoes with foam dipped booties or shin and instep guard over them.
o Traditional savate unitard.
o Gi pants with a sleeveless shirt (no bad language or images on the shirt).
o Custom tournament uniforms (use good taste).