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Resultados ASIAN OPEN KIDS 2014

White Boys Pre Adolescente Super Heavy
1- Lucas Miyamoto - Sekitani Gold Team
2- Kenzo Karakawa - Extreme Super Team BJJ

White boys Adolescente Feather
1- Cassielly Boni - Ogawa Jiu Jitsu
2- Gustavo Bunya - Impacto Japan B.J.J

White boys Adolescente Middle
1- Lucas Saito - Impacto Japan B.J.J
2- Tetsuya Abe - Sekitani Gold Team

Orange boys adolescente feather
1- David Imay - Ogawa Jiu Jitsu
2- Kaue Abe - Impacto Japan B.J.J

Yellow boys adolescente JR Light
1- Luan Marques - Tokai BJJ
2- Kaio Katayama - Impacto Japan B.J.J

Orange boys adolescente JR Middle
1- Luan Marques - Tokai BJJ
2- Kenji Fukuda - Impacto Japan B.J.J

Green boys adolescente Heavy
1- Andy Murasaki - Impacto Japan B.J.J
2- Kevin Ruiz - Ogawa Jiu Jitsu
3- Shoiti Nishijima - Impacto Japan B.J.J

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