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Start: 4 January 2019 MST
End: 6 April 2019 MST
Pre Registration Close:
31 March 2019 11:59 PM MST
Event Address:
4655 Humbolt St
Denver, CO 80216
Contact Details:
Jessica & Oscar Martinez
CMTA 9th Annual Tournament
Colorado Muay Thai Association is proud to announce the 9th Annual Colorado Muay Thai Tournament. April 7th 2019 @ The National Western Complex beginning @ 1PM. A safe and fun place for ages 6 and up to participate and compete in Amateur Muay Thai. Please remember if you are an Elimination Fighter ( having competed in MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai or in any event sanctioned under the Colorado Boxing Commission ) you cannot participate in this event. PRE-REGISTRATION through February 15th $45 REGULAR REGISTRATION February 16th thru March 8th $55 PROCRASTINATION REGISTRATION March 9th through March 31st $70 NO REGISTRATIONS will be accepted after March 31st. ALL REGISTRATIONS include WBC Membership for the 2019 Fight Season (expiring April 2020) CORNER MAN PASSES are $15, this fee covers Corner Licensing Fee through April 2020. ***Purchase these AND designate your corners at weigh-ins. Please come prepared as we will not make changes to your corners the day of the event. Corners MUST be an experienced corner you cannot use family members. IMPORTANT In order provide competitors with a great experience teams with 1-3 fighters are allowed 2 corners, Teams with 4-7 fighters are allowed up to 3 corners and teams with 7+ competitors can have up to 4 corners. A TEAM is done BY School Location and NOT by School Name. Once Registered email your fighter photo to, this is REQUIRED to participate. Before Submitting your registration, please review your information carefully. ALL SALES ARE FINAL with ONE Exception. ***REFUNDS*** We are closing the Registrations one week prior to the event to review Brackets IF No One is in your Bracket we will give you the chance to either CHANGE your bracket OR we will Refund you. ONLY In this case will we consider Refunds. Please make sure you select the correct Bracket or contact us prior to March 31st to Change Brackets when needed. In the event of a thin bracket the Colorado Muay Thai Association reserves the right to adjust the brackets to create a full bracket. This can be within a couple of pounds heavier or lighter than you weigh-in at. Since this is tournament style we do not encourage large weight cuts. Any additional changes will be discussed with the fighter and coach or parents as necessary. LARGE TEAMS please note IF your fighters are in the same weight bracket or close in weight we cannot guarantee that you will not complete against a team mate. Please understand and plan accordingly. We will not issue a refund AT ALL for these circumstances. This is a fight and fighters receive the experience regardless of who their opponent may be. Participants under the Age of 18 do need a parent with them at Weighins NO EXCEPTIONS. WEIGHINS are the day before April 6th at 11AM at the National Western Complex, keep your eye on your emails for additional details. FULL RULES SEE PINNED POST on our Facebook Page:
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