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The terms listed below are terms to which you are agreeing when you register for this event or make a purchase for any store item that is listed on this event. These terms are set forth by the Event Organizers. The exact same wording for these terms are printed on your registration confirmation email or purchase invoice email. If you do not agree to anything on these terms, you are not allowed to complete your online registration or purchase order.


There are no refunds for this event, no exceptions. You will not be entitled to a refund, regardless of whether or not you participate. By paying for your registration will be put into a bracket and be called to compete on the day of competition. You will lose your first match by disqualification if you do not show up for your match, do not make the minimum qualification for that bracket, or have an injury or other medical condition that will not allow you to compete.


I, the competitor and/or parent or legal guardian, understand that by entering this competition it may entail some risk of accident or injury and that this risk may be serious or even fatal. I further understand that along with the possibility of personal injury that injury to property is also possible, such as but not limited to possible loss of wages and the ability to earn such.I understand the rules of conduct of the tournament and will abide by them. I understand that I am participating in an event that has body contact. I assume full responsibility for all of my actions during and connected to the above tournament. With full knowledge of the aforementioned dangers both to my person and to my property (current and future), I forever release and agree to hold harmless Caique Jiu Jitsu LLC, Carlos Elias,Warrior Way,Harvy Berman, the Michigan Open Tournament, the Michigan Open Tournament Staff, the facility staff and members, and each of their agents, employees and representatives of and from all claims, demands, rights and causes of action of any nature whatsoever which I may have or which may hereafter accrue to me, arising from and by any reason of any and all bodily or personal injury, damage to property or other loss, and any consequences thereof, whether known or unknown, seen or unforeseen, resulting from my participation in this competition, the persons and entities mentioned above. I further understand that tickets will be sold to spectators to watch the tournament, that news media and others might cover the tournament and that it may also be photographed or videotaped or otherwise shown to audiences around the world. I hereby consent to having my likeness shown, publicized, commented and/or reported on, and I do not expect to and, in fact, waive any compensation I might otherwise be entitled to as a result thereof.I, the participant also state that I am in good physical condition and know of no reason why I cannot participate in this event. I have current and valid health insurance. In case of an emergency, I hereby authorize any licensed medical personnel to perform any accepted medical procedure deemed necessary and I agree to bear the expense of any such treatment.
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