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The terms listed below are terms to which you are agreeing when you register for this event or make a purchase for any store item that is listed on this event. These terms are set forth by the Event Organizers. The exact same wording for these terms are printed on your registration confirmation email or purchase invoice email. If you do not agree to anything on these terms, you are not allowed to complete your online registration or purchase order.


I, the competitor, or as the Parent or Guardian of the Competitor or as the Competitor,
understand the weight value in each Weight Division is the maximum weight without the gi and Competitor will be disqualified if he or she does not weigh-in at or below the maximum weight value. Further, I understand to be allowed to weigh-in, enter tournament facilities as a Competitor, and compete in the tournament, Competitor and Parent or Guardian (if Competitor is under 18 years old) must present Acceptable Identification (ID) (requirements attached) otherwise Competitor will be disqualified. Registration fees are non-refundable.


I, the competitor, or as the Parent or Guardian of the Competitor or as the Competitor, understand that by entering this competition, I will be competing at my own risk. I understand that JIU-JITSU is a potentially dangerous and/or fatal sport and agree that I will indemnify and hold harmless CLEBER LUCIANO JIU-JITSU and MMA, XXII Copa Pacifica de Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Staff, City of Huntington Beach, and their respective agents, representatives, employees, and volunteers from any liability, claims, damages, losses and expenses including attorney's fees in case of my injury or death at this tournament or arising out of or as result thereof.

(Parent or Guardian if Competitor is under 18 years old)
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