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USA JUDO Junior Point Event

Competition Date: September 21, 2019
Hosted by: Mayo Quanchi Judo
Tournament Director: Serge Bouyssou
Sanctioned by: United States Judo, Inc.
Chief Referee: Janet Johnson

Contact: +1-401-626-0055,



Training Camp September 22, 2019


Individual Contests: Limited to fighting three individual divisions

  • 1st division if received by September 10th 2019 $75
  • 2nd division if received by September 10th 2019 $30
  • 3rd division if received by September 10th 2019 $20
  • Refunds will NOT be considered

The fee for additional senior divisions remains at $75. In other words, if you are already fighting any division and your fighting seniors for your second division, the fee for a second senior division is an additional $75.

Due to junior points being awarded, competitors may not fight a second division within their age group unless it is an open division. You may fight juniors and seniors or Juv A or B and IJF. You also MUST fight in your own age division. Seniors, international and non-point-able bantam divisions may fight in multiple divisions. divisions, but due to prize money for senior divisions, the fee for multiple senior divisions is $75 per division.

Late Fees for any Contest

  • Late fee after September 10th 2019 Additional $25
  • Walk-up registration on (September 20th only) will be an additional $35


PDF Printed Registration

HOTEL and Headquarters: Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn Express, 801 Greenwich Ave, Warwick, RI 02886. Click here to book.
Tournament Site: Providence Career and Technology Center, 41 Fricker St, Providence RI

Proof of citizenship must be provided BEFORE the event in order to receive points for this event. A copy of your national membership must be provided in order to participate in this event.

Judo camp (all randori)

The cost will be $50 for individuals and $250 for full teams. The location of the camp will be Mayo Quanchi Judo 17 Sandy Bottom Road, Coventry RI 02816.

Coaches Meeting: Friday, September 20th at 6:30pm floor passes will be issued at the coaches meeting. Meeting will be held at the hotel headquarters. Catered reception will
follow directly after the coaches meeting. Please join us for some fun all are welcome

No Walk-Up Entries the Day of the Event

Although our numbers exceeded 500 competitors last year we will continue to run this as a 1 day event. We do this in order to save the judo community money and to help children miss as
little school days as possible.


Juniors - Must have current USA Judo, USJF, USJA, ATJA or AJJF foreign national membership card. A copy of proof of age (birth certificate or passport) and copy of membership card must be sent with the application or shown at the time of registration.

Seniors and Masters

Must have current USA Judo, USJF, USJA or foreign national membership card. A copy must be
sent with the application or shown at the time of registration.

Prize Money There must be a minimum of 5 entries in order to receive prize money for individuals or team competition.


You must be a member of USA Judo and be a US Citizen by the conclusion of the event in order to receive points for this event.

Exhibition divisions will be provided throughout the day.

THIS ANNOUNCEMENT applies to all Regular Bantam, Intermediate and Juvenile athletes who are in the last year of eligibility in their current age bracket. It does not apply to novice junior categories. It applies to ALL Junior point events (except novice junior categories) that are held from July 1 to December 31 of each year: Any Junior athlete, who is in the last year of eligibility to compete in his/her current age bracket, may CHOOSE to enter USA Judo point events in the next age bracket. The athlete will need to choose ONE age bracket for each point event in the second half of each applicable year.

The athlete who chooses to compete in the higher age bracket may begin to accumulate points at the new age beginning July 1 of each year, BUT he/she will not be able to use those points until January 1 of the year that actually ages them into the new division. The athlete will NOT be able to compete in his/her "old" age bracket and the "new" one at the same event.


Competitors must be dressed appropriately in a gi or team uniform to receive the award. Points earned during team competition will only count for the team competition contests and will not earn points for the club as a whole when considering the junior and senior club trophies.

  • Gold, silver and bronze medals for each junior and senior division
  • Outstanding male and female junior trophies
  • Outstanding male and female senior trophies

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